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Tips to help complete your annual spring clean

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About to take on your annual spring clean? Here's how to maximise your cleaning time...

We got together with The Arch London housekeeping experts to discover their cleaning techniques and how they tackle a planned clean up. Here are their top tips:

  1. Start with the clutter – declutter the entire space you’re cleaning first, you’ll save time having to clean around unnecessary mess that will be chucked out along the way anyway.
  2. Microfiber cloths are your best friend – microfiber cloths help to remove the dust from surfaces rather than moving the dust around. It’s worth investing in a good quality cloth to get a fresh clean.
  3. Time is key – give your cleaning products time work their magic. Under the guidance of the user directions on the back of your cleaning product packaging, allow your products time to do what they’re meant to do.
  4. Invoke the power of the tooth brush – the mighty toothbrush and all its bristles is an ideal tool for a lot more than you think, especially those hidden spots!
  5. Vacuum your most used areas twice – it might sound simple but it’s effective, if you’re using the area more than others, it’s likely to be twice as dirty and the first vacuum won’t have removed half the dirt.
  6. Set yourself a goal and reward yourself – set a reward for once you’ve completed your clean and keep your eyes on the prize throughout, this should help when you feel like giving up after the first vacuum…

Now stop dreading that annual spring clean and get it done, then you can enjoy the sunshine with a clear (and clean) mind.



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