Spruce Up Your Summer Berries

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Here’s how you can spruce up your seasonal summer berries and turn them into something sweet & delicious.

This recipe is the perfect lighter dessert option, ideal for those summer evenings when you don’t want an over indulgent pudding, but you’re still after something sweet.


Serves 4

• Juice of 3 limes

• 150ml white wine

• 3 tbsp crème de cassis

• 60g icing sugar

• 20 black berries

• 20 raspberries

• 12 strawberries cut in half

• 40 blueberries

• 16 edible flowers

• 8 mint leaves

• 4 scoops of sorbet optional but recommended (we think elderflower flavour works best)


  • To make the marinade first juice the limes, avoiding adding any seeds to the mixture where possible.
  • Next, whisk into the lime juice the white wine, crème de cassis and the icing sugar.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve to ensure the mixture is smooth and well combined.
  • Evenly divide the berries between 4 chilled bowls before pouring the combined mixture over the berries.
  • Finely slice the mint and sprinkle over the berries for a fresh kick and arrange the edible flowers as you please.
  • Finally, we like to finish the dish with a scoop of homemade elderflower sorbet.
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